Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Million Hectare Run

Nowadays, people are more aware of the drive towards a healthy lifestyle. As one of the most precious thing that we need to take care of is our health. 

But we are missing an essential part of this drive - sustaining and living in a healthy environment. One way is to restore 1M hectares of our forests. 

Look around and you'll see that everything has been commercialized, trees has been cut to develop and commercialize the place for profit. What is left for  us to breathe is the smoke emitted from millions of vehicles and factories. Reality really bites, pollution is everywhere! 

With the restoration of atleast 1M hectares of our forests, we need not to go out of town just to be able to breathe fresh air. 

Going back to our grade school lessons, trees could absorb water, thus preventing flood and landslides to occur. The restoration of 1M hectares of our forests could save millions of flood victims. 

Even if there's no typhoon, a little continuous rainfall could already flood our place. Let us help in preserving the remainig forests and restore more! 

I am inspired with what the people in Bohol have done and preserved. It was a requirement for their school graduates to plant in a certain hectares of land, thus the rise of the Man-made forest. 

We, too could also do what they have done. And instead on focusing in a certain area, we could plant within our backyards, and there could be a minimum requirement for every place for planting and maintaining plants and trees for a healthy and greener surroundings. Through these, we could preserve and sustain the shelter for people, animals and even our easy access for source of food and living.

Bottom line is, we need to take care of our surroundings and be a part of the drive towards the restoration of our forest as it will not only beautify our surroundings but to top it all, it would be beneficial for us to sustain our longer and healthy living. It is not only for our present and future, but as well as for the future of the next generation. It would really be something that our present and future generation would be proud of.

Special thanks to Haribon FoundationClubTravelNOW! and PInoy Holistic Healthcare  for pressing on this issue. Why wait for the next calamity? Let's unite and act NOW!

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  1. Hi Kat,

    ClubTravelNOW! Will be sending your GCs and a guide on how you can use or claim via e-mail. Kindly send a clear photo or scanned image of your passport as proof of identity so I can forward it to them. They can only accept government issued IDs if in case you do not have a valid passport.